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Focusing on efficiency and innovation, S.C. Consal Trade S.R.L. demonstrates an integrated approach, supplying a full range of construction materials from Agigea Port to the Nicolae Bălcescu Quarry. This diversity of products strengthens the company's position in the industry and contributes to customer satisfaction by offering them complete solutions for their construction projects.
SC Consal Trade S.R.L. is establishing itself as a notable presence in the construction materials industry, with a diversified portfolio of essential products for construction projects. The company operates at Agigea Port, becoming a reliable source for the supply of concrete, a fundamental construction material.
With the working point in the exploitation of the quarry in Nicolae Bălcescu, our company brings high quality limestone to the market. This material is carefully extracted and processed to the highest performance standards. The limestone supplied by the company is distinguished by its durability and versatility in applications, being used in various constructions, from residential projects to industrial infrastructures.
Nicolae Bălcescu also hosts the asphalt mixture production center of Consal Trade. These asphalt mixtures represent an essential component in the field of construction, being used to ensure the durability and resistance of road surfaces. The company is distinguished by its commitment to the quality of materials, offering asphalt solutions adapted to the specific requirements of each project.
With an experienced team and a solid infrastructure, S.C. Consal Trade S.R.L. becomes a reliable partner for various construction projects, contributing to the sustainable development of communities and the realization of solid and resistant constructions.
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