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Presentation of "Crushing Station No. 4" from Nicolae Bălcescu
Presentation of "Crushing Station No. 4" from Nicolae Bălcescu
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Consal Trade and Consal Trade Carieră are pleased to present the Crushing Station No. 4, workpoint Quarry Exploatation, from Nicolae Bălcescu. This crushing station represents a reference point in our industry, being the largest crushing station in Romania and one of the three stations of this kind in Europe.

The Quarry Exploatation is known for its production of high-quality limestone. The extracted limestone is processed at Crushing Station 4, and the resulting aggregates are used in various projects developed by Consal Trade. Also, these aggregates are essential for the operations carried out at our work point, the Concrete Batching Plant in Agigea, also owned by Consal Trade.

The assortment of stone obtained at Crushing Station 4 is varied and complies with the most demanding requirements of the industry. Among the available assortments are:

- Sort 0/4 mm

- Sort 4/8 mm

- Sort 8/16 mm

- Sort 16/22.4 mm

- Sort 16/31.5 mm

- Sort 22.4/63 mm

- Sort 31.5/63 mm

- Sort 63/90 mm

- Sort 31.5/90 mm

- Sort 0/63 mm

- Sort 0/31.5 mm

- Split Refusal of Ciur

- Sort 45/125 mm

- Sort 45/180 mm

- Sort 63/180 mm

- Sort 63/125 mm

- Sort 90/125 mm

- Sort 90/250 mm

These assortments cover a wide range of needs in various construction and infrastructure projects, offering solutions adapted to each type of application.

Crushing Station 4 is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and benefits from a dedicated team of specialists who constantly supervise and optimize production processes. Thus, we can ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards and meet the specific requirements of our customers. We are also committed to conducting quarrying activities in a responsible and sustainable manner. We comply with environmental regulations and standards and take steps to minimize environmental impact at all stages of our production process.

In conclusion, Crushing Station 4 represents a fundamental pillar of our production infrastructure, contributing to the supply of essential aggregates for numerous projects developed by Consal Trade. The diverse range of stone obtained at this station and our commitment to quality and sustainability reinforce our position as a leader in the industry.

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Presentation of "Crushing Station No. 4" from Nicolae Bălcescu

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