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Presentation of the "Parking & Road fluvial-maritime" Work Point, work in the port of Constanța
Presentation of the "Parking & Road fluvial-maritime" Work Point, work in the port of Constanța
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00:00 - Introduction.
00:14 - Execution of foundation land improvement works.
01:16 - Installation of geotextile in order to consolidate the foundation land.
02:20 - Parking lot and road foundation layer.
02:56 - Asphalt station ”SC Consal Trade SRL”.
03:47 - Execution of asphalt layers.
04:29 - The carriageway side of the road.
05:05 - B.D.A. company install lighting poles equipped with LED lamps.
06:00 - Connecting the secondary roads and bringing the siding up to grade.
06:50 - Leveling, compacting and leveling of the embankment.
07:31 - Land leveling, road proximity.
08:13 - Retention basin execution.
08:28 - Protection of the walls of the retention basin with a separation filter.
09:08 - Cleaning the roadway in order to draw road markings.
09:31 - Preparing the execution of road markings.
09:52 - Execution of longitudinal road markings.
11:19 - Installation of traffic signs.
12:16 - Presentation of the project ”Road and Parking fluvial-maritime”.


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The work point dedicated to the road and parking, located in Constanța Port, represents a large-scale project on which Consal Trade focuses with commitment and experience.



It aims to develop a complex system that includes the construction of a strategic road and a parking facility dedicated to shooting. Constanța Port, as a vital hub of maritime and logistics activities, requires the need for solid infrastructures to support the continuous flow of goods and transports. In this context, Consal Trade took on the responsibility of creating an efficient link road and extensive parking, adapted to the specific requirements of trailers and heavy transport vehicles.



The project encompasses a diverse range of activities, starting from detailed route design and environmental impact assessment to the actual implementation of the infrastructure. The construction of the link road focuses on high standards of durability and road safety, taking into account factors such as resistance to heavy traffic and various weather conditions. The trailer parking facility is designed with attention to detail with the specific needs of freight forwarders in mind.



This includes ample spaces, ease of access and egress, as well as additional facilities for drivers such as rest areas and support services. Consal Trade brings to the project its vast expertise in the field of constructions and infrastructure, ensuring the quality and efficiency of each stage of the works.



Our team of professionals dedicates significant resources to ensure that the project is carried out in accordance with quality standards and that the entire process is managed with transparency and accountability.



Through this project, Consal Trade contributes not only to the development of the port infrastructure, but also to the improvement of the connectivity and efficiency of the transport of goods in the region. We are committed to bringing added value to the community through projects that facilitate the progress and sustainable development of the region.

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